E-Aquasol resin is ideal for printing molds in a wide variety of industrial applications.  The water-soluble 3D printing resin, designed for EnvisionTEC’s proprietary Envision One cDLM printing platform, allows industrial manufacturers to shell-cast thin-walled parts with high feature resolution.  Thanks to its high water solubility, E1-Aquasol resin is an optimal choice for users to seek to avoid the use of more aggressive solvents such as caustic.

This material is the result of a joint collaboration of EnvisionTEC and Sartomer, both leading experts in 3D printing and advanced materials.

Physical Properties

Tensile Strength

7.9 MPa

Elongation at Break


Tensile Modulus

542 Mpa

Flexural Strength

16.7 MPa

Flexural Modulus

1840 MPa

Viscosity @ 30°C

28 cP


1.2 g/cm3

Recommended Machines