3D-Bioplotter LT Support RG

Complex three-dimensional shapes often require a sacrificial, easily removable material as support for overhangs. A sacrificial material also eliminates the requirement of having a flat surface on the printed part to attach to the platform.

This cellulose derivative can easily be processed as a hydrogel in short to medium long jobs. Additionally, this material can be dispensed with other hydrogels without directly dissolving the sacrificial materials. The support material can be removed after printing by placing the completed part in a distilled water or nutrient media bath at body temperature. Full dissolution may take several hours depending on liquid movement and temperature.

The material is biocompatible and cell friendly, ensuring that residue materials do not negatively affect the final object’s biological properties.

Physical Properties

Material Type


Curing System


Appearance (color)

Transparent Gel

Appearance (Form)


Molecular Weight

40000 Da


Dichloromethane, Chloroform

Processing Temperature

23 °C

Printing Surface

Petri Dish/Well Plate

Processing Parameters Available For

0.2mm / 0.25 mm / 0.4 mm needle tips

Printing Speed (at 1 bar pressure

10 – 8 mm/sec


Research Grade

Degradation Period in Biological Systems

Dissolution within Hours in Water

Recommended Machines