Scherz Dental Case Study

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When Scherz Dental started to work with 3Shape´s Trios Scanners in 2013, they examined several options to organize the digital model production according to the needs of dentists and patients. Starting with milled models first, Scherz Dental soon came to realize that the demand of dental models outgrew the production capacity of any milling system and started to look for a different method of manufacturing directly from the CAD data provided by the dental 3D scanners.

Acr40423193019980817479-232x300Visiting the Euromold exhibition for product development in November 2013, Scherz Dental decided for an EnvisionTEC 3D-Printer. In March 2014 an EnvisionTEC Perfactory® 4 DDP (Digital Dental Printer) was installed and Scherz Dental’s staff was introduced to the machine. After a 2-day training the dental technicians were able to implement the Perfactory® 4 DDP into the production process. Subsequent to the training EnvisionTEC’s service department remotely guided the implementation in a quick and satisfying way. The excellent customer service and the easy handling of the Perfactory® 4 DDP were decisive points for Scherz Dental as more and more of the their customers installed 3D Scanners and provided CAD data. The unproblematic introduction and the high efficiency of the Perfactory® 4 DDP allowed them to keep up the daily work and satisfy the customer base with perfect model quality at the same time.

Today the Perfactory® 4 DDP is an indispensable part of Scherz Dental’s everyday dental model production and increased both productivity and quality. Another advantage of the Perfactory® 4 DDP is its versatility. Besides dental models, partials, denture bases, splints, night guards and drill guides can be printed. EnvisionTEC offers a wide range 3D printing systems and materials for a broad portfolio of dental and orthodontic applications to match the needs of dental industry customers from the individual clinic to the largest dental laboratories. Constant communication with the R&D teams of the most recognized dental CAD software companies ensures a seamless workflow that delivers consistent manufacturing quality.

Acr40423193019980826041-198x300We were able to implement the Perfactory 3D printing system into the production process very quickly. Our customer base is very satisfied with the perfect quality of the printed models.”
Thomas Scherz, General Manager, Scherz Dental

Scherz Dental, originating in 1985, is is one of Germany`s largest dental laboratories based near Berlin. They are a certificated reference lab for both Wieland Dental and Dentsply Implants.
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