cover1Learn Why Advanced DLP Technology is Better

Not all forms of 3D printing are created equal—and that truth is also evident to the visible eye within individual 3D printing processes as well.

Novices may debate whether SLA or DLP is the superior technology. But EnvisionTEC’s team of global engineers — additive manufacturing and software leaders — have developed exclusive, patent-protected processes for 3D printers that deliver fast, smooth and accurate builds, with accuracy down to 10 microns.

In this white paper, EnvisionTEC shares the technical details of why it’s DLP printers are at least twice as good as its competitors when using the same HD projectors.


Best Practices

At EnvisionTEC, we’ve worked to develop Best Practices to make sure our customers consistently get the best performance out of their 3D printers and materials. Whether you are printing patterns for investment castings or creating models for indirect bonding, we’ve created these step-by-step guidelines to make the process as easy as possible based on the different software, machines and materials you may be using. And as always, if you have questions, feel free to reach out to our experienced team of 3D printing professionals for assistance.