Perfect smile with Flexcera™

Meet Flexcera™ Base and Flexcera™ Smile: dental materials that help produce artificial denture bases and teeth of ceramic-like strength!


Flexcera™ printing materials

Desktop Health with EnvisionTEC brings the most advanced 3D technology and proprietary materials right to dental offices and labs, enabling you to be at the forefront of digital dentistry. EnvisionTEC’s dental technology is now a part of Desktop Health.

One of the recent pioneering solutions is Flexcera™– a proprietary material technology for 3D printing. It is compatible with multiple EnvisionTEC™ 3D printers and is used for the fabrication of beautiful, functional dentures.

Flexcera™ Base and Flexcera™Smile harness the strength of ceramics coupled with the flexibility of plastic. As a result, the printed dentures have high resistance to fracture and moisture. Click here to read more and learn how to print perfect dentures in Flexcera!