• 3D Printing Parts Washer Unit (PWA 2000)

PWA 2000


The Parts Washing Apparatus is a convenient tool to assist in cleaning any uncured resin from 3D printed models.  The convenient removable basket allows for ease of use when dipping or extracting objects from the tank.

The PWA 2000 offers a selection between three washing programs, so that you can accurately clean from the most delicate to larger and more complex creations effectively and efficiently.  These selections can be made directly on the easy-to-use touchscreen.

To use the PWA 2000, simply immerse the objects directly in the tank using the appropriate basket, select the appropriate washing program, then use the basket to extract your objects once the cycle is complete.

The tank uses minimal liquid, reducing costs and environmental impact.  Removing used liquids can be done easily without a risk of spills or drips.

Machine Properties

External Dimensions

320 x 330 x 246 mm

Washing Compartment Dimensions

145 x 145 x 105

Washing Mode

Basket or Platform

Liquid Capacity

2 Liters


Strong, Medium, Delicate




2.4Ghz WiFi



Power Supply Voltage

100-230V 0.3A 50-60Hz