EnvisionTEC to Add Keystone’s KeySplint Soft to its Material Offerings

EnvisionTEC to Add Keystone’s KeySplint Soft to its Material Offerings


DETROIT, MI & GIBBSTOWN, NJ – EnvisionTEC and Keystone Industries® are bringing Keystone’s KeySplint Soft® resin through the Open Material Access Program by EnvisionTEC to the Envision One cDLM Dental 3D printer, combining the strongest and most innovative dental bite splints resin with a proven production-grade printer specifically designed for the dental industry. The result is an efficiently manufactured device with superior strength, accuracy, flexibility, and fracture resistance; Introducing KeySplint Soft for EnvisionTEC.

Unlike any other 3D printing material, KeySplint Soft is the first FDA-510k cleared 3D printing resin for night guards and bite splints. KeySplint Soft combines the strength and toughness needed to protect teeth with added flexibility for improved patient comfort, all with a transparent and aesthetic appearance. The printed splints are not brittle, but are abrasion and stain resistant, polishable and easily cleaned by the patient. “EnvisionTEC has been manufacturing 3D printing technologies for nearly 20 years,” noted Ira Rosenau, Keystone Industries’ president of dental.  “With the Envision One, you have a dental production unit that combines a robust design with an easy-to-use interface, without breaking the bank.  We believe that EnvisionTEC users will be very pleased with the quality and value of night guards made with the Envision One and KeySplint Soft.” The formula has three years of guaranteed shelf life and long-term color stability.

The KeySplint Soft dental 3D printing material is manufactured in the USA and stocked in the US and EU fulfilment centers of EnvisionTEC.

The Envision One cDLM combines German precision engineering with American Innovation from the team of engineers that invented DLP 3D printing. It is an all-in-one solution featuring EnvisionTEC’s patented Continuous Digital Light Manufacturing (cDLM) technology, providing several advantages over other DLP printers. With incredible speed capabilities, the Envision One cDLM allows for 3D printing to move beyond the lab and into chairside applications.  Dental professionals are able to use KeySplint Soft to fabricate tough, flexible custom bite splints for same-day delivery.

The patented cDLM technology also allows for the production of isotropic parts, which deliver uniform mechanical part properties in all directions.  This exciting feature makes for a much stronger final appliance, with none of the weakness between layers that can occur with traditional DLP 3D printing.

“We are pleased to add KeySplint Soft to our global portfolio of validated materials for use on the Envision One cDLM,” expressed Chris Rose, Director of EnvisionTEC’s Dental Channel in North America, “Dental professionals have come to expect the highest quality material offerings from EnvisionTEC, and Keystone’s KeySplint Soft certainly will add more capabilities to our users. We are confident that the combination of the Envision One cDLM printer with the KeySplint Soft for EnvisionTEC material will deliver superior performance in the dental market.”

Learn more here: KeySplint Soft for EnvisionTEC Printers


About EnvisionTEC

EnvisionTEC is a leading global provider of professional-grade 3D printing solutions. They invent, develop, manufacture and sell 3D printers and proprietary materials worldwide. Founded in 2002 with its pioneering commercial DLP printing technology, EnvisionTEC now sells more than 40 printers based on six distinct technologies that build objects from digital design files. The company’s premium 3D printers serve a wide variety of medical, professional and industrial markets, and are valued for precision, surface quality, functionality and speed. EnvisionTEC’s intellectual property includes more than 100 pending and granted patents and 70 proprietary materials.

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About Keystone


Keystone Industries’ group of dental companies focuses largely on consumable laboratory products and operatory/preventative products.  We are a global supplier, maintaining a diverse network of more than 800 U.S. and International dental distribution partners in 70+ countries.

Keystone Industries has developed industry-leading products like Diamond D® high-impact denture base, the Pro-Form® line of thermoplastics, and innovative and patent-protected laboratory offering such as Enamelite™ ceramic spray glazes. Keystone Industries has combined its unique blend of dental and photopolymer expertise to create KeyPrint® precision 3D printing resins, including our revolutionary FDA 510k cleared night guard and splint resin, KeySplint Soft®.

Keystone Industries has spent nearly three decades formulating and producing biocompatible, cutting-edge, patented photopolymer resins for dental and cosmetic nail applications. Keystone Industries maintains FDA licensing, ISO 13485 (medical device) and 22716 certifications, along with GMP certification and international product registrations.  To learn more, like the Keystone Industries Facebook page, or follow us on Instagram and Twitter.