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EnvisionTEC’s leaders have been on the front lines of the additive movement — actually inventing and developing the field since its infancy. And it shows.

Our 3D printers and materials are just better — backed by more than 18 years of development and exclusive patent-protected processes. That means the objects that come off our machine are better, too, with superior accuracy and surface finish. That means less post-processing. And did we mention we’re known for speed, too?

Let us print your part, on your printer of choice, and let us prove it to you. We’ll also tell you precisely how long the build took, so you can see the difference experience makes for yourself. Just tell us a bit about yourself below, your build project and let us show you why EnvisionTEC really is superior technology.

*We will print benchmarks for potential customers who are serious about buying a printer and may ask you qualifying questions to determine if you are eligible for a free print.

EnvisionTEC founder and CEO Al Siblani, left, and chief technology officer, Sasha Shkolnik, have been developing 3D printing technologies since the industry was in its infancy. Our printers are backed by more than 100 pending and granted patents and 70 proprietary materials. Here, Al and Sasha pose with the 3D printer that launched EnvisionTEC in 2002.