WIC100 Series

Castable • Jewelry

With 20% powder wax content, WIC100 Series remains a popular value material in EnvisionTEC’s portfolio of castable materials.

WIC100 delivers quality detail and printing speeds, along with a standard wax burn-out cycle with regular gypsum investment. During the burn-out cycle, the nano-wax melts away first allowing the resin to burn off without excessive expansion.


Physical Properties


4.200 cps (ASTM Method DIN EN 1342-2)

Tensile Strength

14.8 MPa (ASTM Method DIN EN ISO 527-1)

Elongation at Break

6.3 % (ASTM Method DIN EN ISO 527-1)


1.32 g/cm3 (ASTM Method DIN EN ISO 1183-1)

Hardness (Shore D)

80 Shore (ASTM Method DIN EN ISO 868)

Ignition Temperature

300 °C (ASTM Method DIN 53765)

Recommended Machines